Dear Sister


The influence you have on people astonishes me
What kind people you let the troubled kids be
Cold as pretended
Gold as I know
Do you keep your heart on show
One big picture 
one small part
But big by heart
One small kid that would save the world
By creating paths 
Through life they swirled
There's nothing else to say than I am proud
Merely one tiny fan in your big crowd


Lotte Riezebosch

Pink lips so kissable and just for me

You are everything I see

Sunlight shines through your golden hair

So beautiful it's just unfair 

A smile so bright

It takes just one to make everything alright 

Everything about you

Yes your feet and toes too

You as a whole

The woods deep inside your soul

A pure heart with a golden line

Soft skin and a face so fine 

I fall in love with you every day

With every word that you say

And even if I may not last

My love will always follow you to your future from your past


Lotte Riezebosch ©

Sunny days

Cast golden rays

As they light up a pretty face

A pretty view

Rather old than new

Yet something I never knew

Trees standing tall

Catching birds that fall

Making us feel oh so small

People surrounding me

All with stories I'll never see

And all I can do is hope that they are free


Lotte Riezebosch ©


Calmness in their core

Tallness we adore

Calmly waving 

Life saving 

Rooted to the knee

Yet amazingly free

The life of a tree


Lotte Riezebosch ©


Dear friend, 

I thank you

For everything you do

You will not judge 

No you don't care

You do not point

You will not stare

No, you support and understand

What I can do and what I can't 

You just love cuddle and accept

Every time I wept

Your heart smiles at me and keeps me safe

Every doting word you say builds my cave

A cave with you and a throne 

So I'll never feel down nor be alone

And I will do everything for you too

But what I cannot do

Is thank you with words rhymes, poems or cords 

Because they cannot describe no they will not do

How much I love and care about you


Lotte Riezebosch ©




We do what we're asked

Without questioning the task

We do what's expected 

In order to be accepted

Always practically numb

Which is turning us dumb 

We're all automatic 

Making us paranoid depressed or schizophrenic 

Dying to live

Living to die

All while wondering why

No time for fantasies to be expressed 

Because creativity is being suppressed

Opinions are tossed away

For no one cares what you have to say

And we accept this somehow 

Being insignificant small insects on a fat cow

Even when you make it don't you sweat

Don't you worry because everyone will forget

You may be remembered by a soul or two

But when they die your memory dies too


Lotte Riezebosch ©


When the stars fall down who will I be


When the nights are empty what will I see


When the sun burns up and there's no day


What will I think what will I say


On the day


That the earth rots away


When there's nothing left but tears


Made and left behind by our fears


When we're all gone.


And our last breath disappears


Lotte Riezebosch ©


Kill me slow and painful

For I no longer care

Tear my mask of

Lay my secrets bare

As I came

Now shall I leave

For our time on earth

Is only brief

Don't mourn

Don't cry

Don't lie to me

For I know

That you tried

To shape how you wanted me to be

A stick can only bend so much until it will break

So I'll do it myself for this world's sake

The time on earth I spent

Will now come to its end

Don't cry don't lie

Because you never care

But now I'll rip my mask off

To lay my secrets bare


Lotte Riezebosch  ©


Words are powerful

For that they can make a heartless man cry

Words are powerful

For they can unfold every lie

Words will be your dream

Because of so nice they seem

Words will be your nightmare

Because they will lay your secrets bare

Words to open up your world

Those words, through your head they swirled

Words to lead your way

Those words that you say

Those words that go so deep

They make the biggest monster weep

Those words that I put to play

With these words that I say

I will bring the king to his knees

With these words that I say

I'll put the warrior at ease


Lotte Riezebosch


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