Pink lips so kissable and just for me

You are everything I see

Sunlight shines through your golden hair

So beautiful it's just unfair 

A smile so bright

It takes just one to make everything alright 

Everything about you

Yes your feet and toes too

You as a whole

The woods deep inside your soul

A pure heart with a golden line

Soft skin and a face so fine 

I fall in love with you every day

With every word that you say

And even if I may not last

My love will always follow you to your future from your past


Lotte Riezebosch ©


One day

Day will meet night

Opposites will unite

Happiness will spread 

So my love do not fret 

For one day happiness will find you

And you'll be awarded for everything you went through

Love will always survive

Better times will arrive

Whether you believe it or not

I will always love you, a lot


Lotte Riezebosch ©






Flowers Will bloom

Not minding joy or doom

They will grow

Some fast some slow

But as they have grown

One thing is certain

They cannot grow alone


Lotte Riezebosch ©